It’s my Birthday

Hello everyone
So, yes…Today It’s my birthday. I was born on 9th of November 1995, 19 years old.
The time goes fast and We can’t stop it… sad isn’t It?
I always see this day as “a day of reflection” like New Year’s eve. How was my 18th year? Did I enjoy it enough? Should I be sorry about something? What can I do to become my 19th year better?
Sometimes the answers are not so obvious, but I always try my best to find them.
Besides all the Happy birthday messages, all the wishes after bite the candle and all presents, I am a little bit older, and it means: am I wiser? Well, I hope so eheh
During the year I experienced new things and learnt a lot… Maybe the most difficult was when I moved to go to the university.. Living alone, having new responsibilities, new city, college, new friends etc… It wasn’t easy, but I survived and learnt a lot. I felt like I was becoming a mature adult :/
Which scares me in a different perspective. Sometimes I think that I would rather be at home, go to the high school forever, and never leave home. but this thought dies fast, because then I realise: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the best or present are certain to miss the future” :)

Although time goes fast, Changes are good and so all the birthday :)

With love,


Apple Peanut Butter Teeth – Halloween time

Hello everyone :)

We are in the middle of October, which means Halloween is almost here. So I thought this could be a good time to bring you a little ideia/inspiration of a recepie that I found really interesting, amazing.. hmm HILARIOUS :)


So You will need :

1 Apple

1 Jar of peanut butter

Mini marshmallows

First cut the apple in slices (A handy dandy core and slice all in one tool is perfect)
Then, spread peanut butter on one side of each slice.
Arrange a line of mini-marshmallows on half of the slices.
Then top off with another slice of peanut butter slathered apple.

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My color of the week

Hello guys,
so It’s time for another: Color of the week
As you can see I love red nails. Last week I bought a new nail polish and I was really excited to try it.
This is from L’Oréal and the number is 304 and  in the package is also written “spicy orage”
It drys super super fast and 1 coat is enough to leave a good and intense red/spicy orage :)
I love this color. It’s classy, beautiful and goes with everything :)


 nails modifiedverniz 1verniz 2 nails2 modified

Mini essentials haul

Hello everyone,
How are you?

Today i want to share with you some stuff that I recently bought.

Earings – Forever 21

Lip Balm”baby lips”  – Maybelline

batom 2batom1

Nail Polish – L’Oréal

verniz 1 verniz 2

Mascara – Maybelline

mascara 2 mascara 1