TEA TIME – Tetley Herbal Tea Pickmeup review

Hello everyone,

How are you?
Today, I want to give my opinion about this new: passport to the sweet paradise :)
To be honest, I’m obsessed with tea. Everytime I go to the supermarket I buy a new one (well, almost everytime eheh). I just love to discover new flavours. Tea is amazing to have a break after a long “study-time” .

..and so, I decided to write about this goodie.
This tea is the: forest fruits from Tetley. It tastes like heaven, really.
In the label we can read: ” Flavoured herbal and fruit infusion. Ingredients: hibiscus, poppy flowers, flavouring, rosehip ( Europe, America, Africa), apple pieces (Europe), cherry steams (Europe, Asia), orange peel, blackberry pieces (Europe) (1%), raspberry (Europe, America) (0,6%), strawberry granules (0,6%)” It’s inspiring.

I love the flavour of this tea. It’s sweet, fruity… You do not need to add sugar (Normally, I do not add any).

Tetley is a British beverage manufacturer, and the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea (by, wikipedia :p ). Most of my favourites teas are from Tetley, the flavour is good, natural and sdgsvsd, I loveee it!

I’m been drinking this a lot, It gives me a new energy ( I think It does not have any caffeine). If you’re looking for new “passport to the sweet paradise” this will be a good choice :)

Oh, AND OF COURSE, with some cookies, the flavour is even better.

buy: here , here

With love <3

Hello December :)


Hello everyone :),

Let’s freak out a little bit: DECEMBER IS FINALLY HERE!! AEGDFGBHDFGA
Ok, as you can see December is special for me, for many reasons.
The most obvious is: CHRISTMAS. I LOVE Christmas. Spending time with friends and family, opening gifts and getting away from university (at least this day), the food, all the songs, the smell of cinnamon in the air.. is just wonderful. Since I moved to university, x-mas has a special meaning for me. Being away from my home town kills me…why university is so mean? :(

Other thing  that make me really happy, is the new years eve. Writing down all the new resolutions, celebrating with my closest friends/family.. It’s just amazing

oooh, and of course, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I’m a huge fan of VS, can not wait to see the entire show. Last year was so amazing, this year is going to be HUGE!

and you? Do you love this month as I do? Let me know.. :)

Enjoy “the greatest time of year”..

With love <3 ,


Soothing Gel-Cream Wash – Review

Hello everyone,

Today I thgel 1ought it would be a good idea to write a review about my    newest facial wash gel.

This goodie is from L’óreal Paris and I love it!

Since fall/winter is around the corner, my face gets really dry, so, I was looking for a facial gel wash for my sensitive and fragile skin during this season.
So, I did a little research on the internet and at supermarkets and, YES, I found the one :)

The best thing about this gel is the fact that it cleans your skin very well, and also removes the rest of make up.

I use this twice a day. In the morning and at night before going to bed. I use hot water to wash my face and use only a pea-sized amount face-wash. The product has a great smell, the consistency is also great and the texture is very creamy.

Besides my skin gel3gets sometimes really oily, since I’m using this product (maybe 2 moths) my face never got oily… which is kind of weird, but maybe because is cold outside…

So, yeah… This is my must have for this season. It’s really affordable and the quality is top!
Read more about this gel (click here)

You can buy it here ( click here and click here ) (and in many other places)

With love,

P.S: Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!!

It’s my Birthday

Hello everyone
So, yes…Today It’s my birthday. I was born on 9th of November 1995, 19 years old.
The time goes fast and We can’t stop it… sad isn’t It?
I always see this day as “a day of reflection” like New Year’s eve. How was my 18th year? Did I enjoy it enough? Should I be sorry about something? What can I do to become my 19th year better?
Sometimes the answers are not so obvious, but I always try my best to find them.
Besides all the Happy birthday messages, all the wishes after bite the candle and all presents, I am a little bit older, and it means: am I wiser? Well, I hope so eheh
During the year I experienced new things and learnt a lot… Maybe the most difficult was when I moved to go to the university.. Living alone, having new responsibilities, new city, college, new friends etc… It wasn’t easy, but I survived and learnt a lot. I felt like I was becoming a mature adult :/
Which scares me in a different perspective. Sometimes I think that I would rather be at home, go to the high school forever, and never leave home. but this thought dies fast, because then I realise: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the best or present are certain to miss the future” :)

Although time goes fast, Changes are good and so all the birthdays :)

With love,