If you could go somewhere, Where Would you go?

run awayHello everyone :)
Today I decided to write about something that I have been thinking about: running away (as an escape… Just going somewhere when we are feeling sad or just tired of this world)
Sometimes, It is ok not to be ok. We all know this world is not the heaven that we would like to be… Even If I try to believe it, the thought does not last forever :(
If I could go somewhere, just to be calm and think about my life, I would go the beach/river… Just to breathe and do some meditation.
Life is not what we always idealise… Some people say that It is destiny. If something happen  is because It has to happen. But this sucks :( Sometimes, I confess, It is amazing because I feel surprised with the stuff that happen in my daily life, but (sometimes) I feel also disappointed :( well, maybe I am to naive.
Anyway, besides everything that I do not like about “life”, the truth is: I am what I am and thank God I am like this.
We should be grateful by having our friends that “help” us to shape our personallity. We become stronger warriors in this “jungle” called Earth.

so, *Live your Life, Be Kind and Be YourSELF*.  But If you need to run away just for a moment: Go :)

with Love <3

College TAG :)

rita trajada1. What school are you attending?
I am attending the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra :)

2. What year are you entering?
I am entering the 2nd year :)
3. What made you choose this school?
First, my sister had already studied in this city, and I always thought I would love to study here. Then, I asked a few people that were studying pharmaceutical Sciences and they gave me some tips about it. I could not be happier :)

4. When did you apply and get accepted? Describe your experience.
I applied in 2013 but I did not get accepted for a few decimals of my finals. This was quite frustrating but I survived :) I studied other course (in the same faculty) which helped me to realise that pharmaceutical sciences was the course I was intended for. I studied really hard to do all the subjects and at the end of semester, I did the finals (again) to apply (again) to pharmaceutical S.. In September 2014 I got accepted. I could not describe my feelings because It was indescribable… This was something that I really worked for.

5. Have you received any scholarships/grants?

6. Are you prepared to leave the nest?
At fist, I must confess: I was not at all… But with time I learnt. And now, I live “alone” and this feeling does not mess with my mind eheh

7. Have you met your room mate yet? What do you think?
I live with 2 girls in the same flat. They are from different courses… It is amazing to share experiences about college/life with them.

8. If you could take only 3 things to college what would they be?
My blue pencil, my agenda… and my guitar.

9. What is one college resolution?
Do always my best.

10. What is your go to college look? (hair and makeup)
converse, jeans and simple shirt. BB cream, mascara and a lipstick :)

11. What is your advice to hs seniors and/or incoming freshman?
Well, do not forget to live to study to be kind and to be yourself :)

With love <3

Vichy Capital Soleil Face BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF50 – REVIEW

Hello Everyone :)
How are you? I am so sorry for the lack of posts, but college has taking most of my free time :(

But, today is the day.
So let is just freak out a little bit, because spring is finally here :)
I love winter and all the cold weather, but I missed Spring.

vichy-capital-soleil-14386As you may Know,my skin gets a little (sometimes, a lot) oily in the hot days :( So when I use some make up, It just melts in my face… I hate hate hate when this happens. :(

BUT, my nightmare is finally over. I tried this little angel last summer, but I did not use it a lot because it belonged to my sister. But I never forget it, because It was the ONLY ONE, that left my skin normally fine avoiding my oilly skin during the day. At fist I though, “Hmm, this is impossible, so maybe my skin was in a “good day””
A few months ago, I decided to bought it. The impossible become possible.

I love love love to the moon and back this angel. It is from Vichy and it is “designed” for summer (but maybe I will using it all year ahah). The colour fits in your skin tone, and It gives you a lovely and amazing coverage. The best is  the SPF!! 50+ can you believe it?!?
It is amazing, I know :)
It contains thermal water from Vichy and it also protects (as an “anti-aging)” your DNA.
I have been using this for a few months and reaction is pretty obvious :)) I love it. It provides broad-spectrum sun protection and feels very soft and light.

You can buy it here
Have a nice day,

With Love <3

I found my Valentine

love mão esqueletoFebruary…. For me, It is just a normal month, but for others, the most romantic one.
If We go somewhere (specially today) there are hearts, cute teddy bears hanging hearts… well, love is everywhere.
Personally, today do not have any special effect on me. When I was younger me and my closest friends used to send cute letters for each other and eat a lot candies. Now, things are a little bit different.
So, today I want to wish you a Happy Valentines day <3 If you do not have a Valentine, relax, It is not the end of the world.

Although I do not find this day particularly exciting, I found the love of my life in my anatomy classes. He is amazing and so so cute. I am in love <3
P.S: Just kidding ;)

OH, I almost forgot!! Have you already seen 50 shades of Grey? Everyone is talking about it.. I have not, but I will! Tickets have been sold out.. It is insane!!

With love,


Mood: Free Elf

study collegeHello everyone, how are you?
So, Here I am, after months of massive stu-DYING. I feel so tired, that I just want to be in my cosy and comfy bed with my headphones and get lost on my own thoughts that had been suspended since the finals started…
I’m in college studying pharmaceutical sciences in the faculty of Pharmacy, Coimbra. It was hard to enter, but finally in September I won that “golden ticket” :) Last year I was in the faculty of Pharmacy, but in other course… Which was not what I always idealise.. pharmaceutical sciences was always in my thoughts :)
So, yeah, the 1st semester passed away so quickly, my God, 2nd semester is around the corner, which means, new subjects, new stuff, new teachers, well: “Motivation came back”.
Besides everything, my head just needs some piece and some rest…
A few months ago, I started doing Yoga. Oh my God, I discovered a new world. It’s amazes me.. It is super relaxing, It helped me to calm down.. I am really stressed and learning some techniques of breathing help me a lot!! I do it every week and I see this as a refuge of my stress.

So, this is just a little update… In the next days I will post more :)

With love,


HO HO HO – Merry Christmas <3

tumblr_nh1d1vEPC31rfzciwo1_500HO HO HO HO  Everyone :)

So TODAY, is THE DAY : Christmas Eve.I’ve been waiting for this since… January. Literally, I love Christmas.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
You get sentimental, kind, and happy.
Although I have to study for my finals, Christmas do not mean less for me. Me and my family dinner all together, We spend a really great time together. Then Santa comes eheh, which is really exiting because we never ask for something, We love to be surprised for each other. The reactions are amazing.

So I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas day, enjoy it with the ones you love the most.


With love <3 ,