10 Dreams: Checked :)


1- Travel to London and Paris.
2- Sing to a huge crowd.
3- Study pharmaceutical sciences.
4- Learn how to speak English fluently.
5- See Muse Live.
6- Learn how to meditate.
7- Learn how to cook.
8- Run 5 km in 20 minutes.
9- Get an A+ (20/20) in psychology.
10- Be a dreamer.

With lots of love <3

10 facts about me :)

ritinha a frente do sbsrkkkk

1. When I was younger, my dream was to become fashion designer or architect.
2. I play guitar since my 13 years old.
3. I have never got drunk.
4. My favourite colour is (are) black, white and red.
5. I love singing.
6. I am a perfectionist.
7. My refuge is Yoga.
8. I believe in God and in fate.
9. I go to the church frequently.
10. I care too much.

With lots of love <3

Inspiration from heaven.

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite songs.
Music is really important in my life for many reasons.  It is a way I find to express my emotions and feelings.
Lana Del Rey is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. She is amazing. Her voice is so unique.
The lyric of this song is so powerful, when I heard it I fell in love :)

I hope you are having a great day,

with lots of love <3


Nourishing Extraordinary Oil collection – Review

LOREAL Hello everyone
Today I want to share with you my opinion about this goodie from heaven (L’ORÉAL Paris).
When a goodie is my favourite I use it a LOT. So, I was looking for a new favourite and as always I did a little research.

My eyes fell in love at first with the package of these Nourishing Extraordinary Oil collection. I bought it immediately to try. …And again, I found my golden ticket.
These products smell so so good I can not describe. It has a floral scent The shampoo and conditioner  together give to my hair shine and movement.
My hair is also so much softer since I am using it. “Rich formula that delivers intensive conditioning from the root to the tip. Smooth the look of even the most rebellious hair. Hair feels prodigiously nourished and disciplined. ” I must confess, I was a little afraid because I thought maybe these combination could leave my hair oily. But NO!!! My hair does not get oily (and my hair is reaaally long).

I have been using these collection for a month and I am loving it so far! P.S: the conditioner has sparkles!!! This is amazing!!

Buy here

With lots of love <3


My everyday Essentials :)

planer essentials

Hello everyone :)
Today I want to share with you my essentials. I use every single day each one of these products.
An elastic for hair is always useful. Specially in summer, days are hot and if you have long hair as I have, an elastic can “save” your day.
My moisturiser . This is from Garnier. I been using this recently, so then I will give you my opinion about it :)
Then, earrings. They lights up you face and your smile.
My Vichy bb cream. Read my review here.
Baby lips. Read my review here
With love <3


5 Healthy Habits for a Better You – Inspiration


Most of the times, people want to change something in their life but they do not know what neither how.
Today I want to share with you my 5 tips to lead to a better life :)

1- Wake up early
This sounds weird, but trust me, it works. Waking up earlier, you have the entire day to enjoy. You can go for a run, take a coffee in a different coffee shop etc…
You can do a lot of stuff. Now that summer is here, you should try to take your breakfast outside (maybe in your garden) you will feel fresh and new :)

2- Read a book
The key is to choose a book that you are really interest in. Thus, you will read it in a blink of an eyes. While you read, your mind is busy imaging the story behind all the pages.
Personally, I love romance and young/Adult fiction.
Choosing the best time to read also helps a lot (in the morning, night, afternoon)
P.S: You must try to read by the river. It is amazing :)

3- Cooking
Do a little research on the internet and find the best recipes. Call your friends and have fun.
There are a lot of delicious food you can cook that are really easy
Here are some suggestions

4- Meditation
As a huge fan of meditation and Yoga, I have to advise you about it.
The benefits are enormous and the feeling is indescribable :)
Here you can read my experience about meditation and yoga.

5-Smile though obstacles
Life is hard, and sometimes people say “Life is unfair”. We must change this idea.
We have to face the problems and smile towards them. Nothing is impossible. We have strength enough to deal with all the sadness that problems “bring”.

With love <3

Le Petit Marseillais – Moisturizing Body Lotion :)

Hello everyone,
Today I want to share with you my opinion about this angel from heaven: Body lotion from Le Petit Marseiliais.
Le Petit Marseiliais has a lot of products since body lotions to shampoos and conditioners and shower gels… etc

I was looking for a body lotion that could leave my skin soft and super hydrated.  I did a little research and found Le Petit Marseiliais. I have already used the shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair and I love it, so I thought maybe the body lotion would be a good choice.
And yes. One of the best choices ever. This is one of the best body lotions I have ever tried <3

When I went to the supermarket I put some of it in my hand just to try it out a little bit. I fell in love. It smells so so good.
With Shea Butter, Almond extracts and Argan Oil… this reunion turns this lotion super super hydrated. It quickly penetrates and nourishes the skin.
As in summer (and also in winter) my skin gets a little dry this is perfect. It smells good that last a long time and is non-greasy :)

This bottle has 400 mL, which is a lot. I use this everyday since may and the bottle is not even in the end :)

P.s: It has no SPF.
Made in France.

Buy it HERE
With lots of love <3