Brightside :)

Have an amazing day, I hope everything is going nice in this new year.. Do always your best.

I want to share with you one of the songs that inspire me during the hard times
Sorry for not beeing here, but university is not easy :(

With lots of love <3


Merry Christmas

Yoga-Santa-CardHello everyone,

I want to wish you a merry Christmas full of joy and happiness.

Take advantage of today to hug the ones you love :)

I am so sorry for not being here, but finals are loading… and It takes all of my time :(

With lots of love <3


Update – Summer is over

by the beach

Last day in Algarve

Hello everyone, 
Today I want to share with you my view about going back to college. 
This season brings me a lot of memories and meanings. 
First of all, it means summer  is over. This awful fact makes me really sad. Summer is like that time of the year when I can relax and spend a lot of time with my family. We laugh as the days are ending…. It is insane <3 
Then, It also means a new college year is around the corner. 
Coming back always scares me. I know I am not freshmen anymoreBut we never know what is waiting for us in this year of new challenges. Subjects, teachers, people, stuff to studyIt is always everything new 
I started my classes and for now the teachers have been amazing. The stuff that I been learning is a lot but also useful !!! I can not imagine the amount of books and notes I will have to memorize to pass with a good mark… “Please, God help me ” :)

Oh, and as we are in September/almost October/November, I must confess this is one of my favourite seasons :) My birthday is on the way as also Christmas as also Victoria’s secret fashion show :)

P.S. I have been reading Fangirl from Rainbow Rowell and I am loving it:)

With lots lots of love <3

College supplies Haul

geral lápis

Hello everyone :)
So as we know, September means: Going back to college / school.
I always loved so much this time of the year, when we go crazy by buying all the new stuff to start the new “year”.
As I am in college, the supplies that I need to buy are not as many as I used to buy when I was in high school or even in primary school.
I bought:
-Colour Pencils: To highlight something, they are amazing!
-Highlighters: While we read something…highlighters are always handy.
-Metallic Clips: These are amazing… and I found a special edition at Jumbo. It was just 1 €.
-Correction fluid: Perfect to erase the mistakes we write :p
-paper markers
…. as you can see in this photos  :)

I Hope you have an amazing day at school/college :)
With lots of love <3

Dream List. Part I

DREAMS1- Have a Chihuahua.

2- Have a coffee /tea / book shop (where I can make meetings to discuss interesting topics).

3- Travel the world.

4- Go to Coachella.

5- Live by the sea.

6- Learn how to speak Italian.

7- Do volunteer work in a foreign country.

8- Sing in a band.

9- Get married.

10- Do something remarkable.

With lots of love <3

P.S: “If you can dreamt it, you can do it” -Walt Disney-

I cut my hair!!!

Hello everyone,
How are you? Hope you are having fun during this amazing season: Summer.

Today I want to share with you my hairstyle change :)
My hair was really really long and cut it was like a huge decision… It never been so short since my 11 years old (?)

Sometimes it is good to change a little bit :)

With lots of love  <3


ritinha a frente do sbsrkkkk