Tag of true

My friend Cristiana http://seculovintage-cff.blogspot.pt/ tagged me.
Here are the answers
1. Where is your phone?
R: By my side 
2. Your mate
R: My cup of tea in the evenings
3. Your hair
R: short and classy
4. Your mother
R: My hero
5. Your father
R: My hero
6. Favourite object
R: My highlighters
7. What did you dream last night?
R: Dont remember, sorry xD
8. Favourite drink
R: Water
9. Car of your dreams
R: Mini xD
10. Where are you?
R: In my living room
11. Your ex
R: well…
12. What are you afraid?
R: Death
13. What do you wish in 10 years?
R: work as pharmacist and travel the world
14. Who do you spend last night with?
R: With my parents
15. What are you not?
R: Liar!
16. What were you doing before answering this tag?
R: studying 
17. what are you wearing?
R: Pajamas
18. Favourite book
R:An abundance of Katherines 
19. Last thing you ate
R: Cabbage
20. How is your life?
R: Always running 
21. Your humor
R: normal
22. Your friends
R: I love them.
23. What are you thinking right now?
R: nothing xD
24. What are you doing?
R: answering this tag
25. Your summer
R: music festival, beach, summer internship :)
26. In Tv
 R: advertisements 
27. When did you smile for the last time?
R: a few minutes ago 
28. When did you cry for the last time?
R: When I watch the last episode of Versailles 
29. College
R: Exams are coming :( 
30. What are you listening?
R: the advertisements on tv
31.What do you like to do at the weekend?
R: Spend time with my family
32. Dream job
R: Pharmacist :) 
33. Your Pc
R: Fast
34. What is it outside?
R: Cold night
R: I hate it
36. Mexican food
R: Strong, but I like it
37. winter
R: Love it! 
38. Religion
R: Christianism
39. Holidays
R: almost, almost:)
40. In your bed
R: just clothes 
41. Love
R: Life
With love,

King of my own land.

Hello everyone ,

Today , I want to share with you my new obsession : Versailles .
I started watching it last wednesday and my God , I love it so much❤
It is about the construction of Versailles Palace During the reign of Louis XIV. This serie has everything: love , drama, politics , honesty , betrayals …
The cast is wonderful , the landscapes are breathtaking and all the emotion and history that envolves the serie is magical.

Outro-M83 is the intro. Gorgeous lyric to such gorgeous masterpiece.

With love,




Know me better

tumblr_mu3qjwSBnb1ssgfsvo1_5001. Favourite colour. Black
2. If you could be any celebrity, who would s/he be? Troian Bellisario
3. Where do you see yourself in the future? Living in a house with my chihuahua .  Working as pharmacist. Going to the beach doing yoga and loving life.
4. 3 words that describe yourself. Sensitive, Friendly and Perfectionist.
5. 3 Dreams. Travel to India, Get Married and have kids.

With lots of love❤

Brightside :)

Have an amazing day, I hope everything is going nice in this new year.. Do always your best.

I want to share with you one of the songs that inspire me during the hard times
Sorry for not beeing here, but university is not easy😦

With lots of love❤


Merry Christmas

Yoga-Santa-CardHello everyone,

I want to wish you a merry Christmas full of joy and happiness.

Take advantage of today to hug the ones you love:)

I am so sorry for not being here, but finals are loading… and It takes all of my time😦

With lots of love❤


Update – Summer is over

by the beach
Last day in Algarve

Hello everyone, 
Today I want to share with you my view about going back to college. 
This season brings me a lot of memories and meanings. 
First of all, it means summer  is over. This awful fact makes me really sad. Summer is like that time of the year when I can relax and spend a lot of time with my family. We laugh as the days are ending…. It is insane 
Then, It also means a new college year is around the corner. 
Coming back always scares me. I know I am not freshmen anymoreBut we never know what is waiting for us in this year of new challenges. Subjects, teachers, people, stuff to studyIt is always everything new 
I started my classes and for now the teachers have been amazing. The stuff that I been learning is a lot but also useful !!! I can not imagine the amount of books and notes I will have to memorize to pass with a good mark… “Please, God help me ”:)

Oh, and as we are in September/almost October/November, I must confess this is one of my favourite seasons:) My birthday is on the way as also Christmas as also Victoria’s secret fashion show:)

P.S. I have been reading Fangirl from Rainbow Rowell and I am loving it:)

With lots lots of love❤