Summer Tag


1. Favorite bronzer for summer?
I do not use it

2. You’re relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink) 
An ice cream or a glass of water.

3. Favorite summer lip product?
My lipstick from Rimmel nº 37

4. Pool or Beach?
Pool and beach at the end of the day❤

5. Summer = crazy hair! What’s your must-have styling product?
My bobby pins

6. Sun bathing or fake tan?

7. Favorite summer nail polish?

8. Any summer traditions?
Reading books 

9. Favorite summer scent?

10. Favorite BBQ food?

11. What’s your favorite summer-proof product?
mascara, waterproof

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip!
My dream summer trip would be going to hawaii.

Got the questions from here 

with love,

Music festival-Marés vivas

Hello folks,
Today I decided to write my second experience in a music festival. (The first is here)

It all started when i was looking for some festivals to go on the summer. Marés was the one this year, because I never went and because It is in Porto, one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.

I invited my friend Cristiana, and in 15th of july we traveled to Porto.
At the beginning I was feeling a little “insecure” because I did not know a lot about this festival… for example if the transports to get there would be good…

We  got there by bus. I must confess, to catch the bus was like running if the world was ending😀 We did not know where the bus station was. We had to ask people😀
Me and Cris arrived and we took a lot of photos. The vibe was really nice.
Then, we went to the main stage to see the one and only, James Bay and the marvelous kodaline.
They were amazing. I can not describe by words how talented they are.
The crowed was magnificent which helped to become this festival so special.
If someone asks me what song was my favourite, I could not answer. The shows left me speechless.
I love them.

I hope I could see them live again, soon.

I really enjoyed Mares. Hope to be back.

With love,

no marescomidasunset

Porto serie: Lello bookshop

Hello people,
Yes, I am back. After college season, the mode: elf free is on🙂

To celebrate, me and my friend Cristiana (site) went to a music festival in Porto and the day after we decided to visit the city around.
This will be a serie🙂

The first stop is one of the most magnificent bookshops in the world: Lello Bookshop.
You can find it at Rua das Carmelitas 144, 4050-161 Porto.
To enter we paid 3€ which works as a discount if you buy a book. For example if a book there costs 12€ we only pay 9€. lello 7.jpg

As we gave the first steps there, we felt all the magic and harry potter vibes. I am a huge fan of HP and being there, got me closer to my childhood.
The architecture left me speechless, it is so beautiful… all the books in shelves, the stairs…
The stairs are known as the inspiration of the stairs of Hogwarts in the books of HP.
The bookshop has 2 stages. The first we can find books of different writers, different languages… and in the second stage we find more specific books about economy, medicine… dictionaries.
We could take a lot of photos and spend an amazing time there.

escada lello.JPG

lello 4.jpg


lello 3

Stay tuned for the next stop🙂
with love❤


My fav music- with links

sunhMusic. My life without it would be so empty.
How beautiful is some sounds express the feelings that you can not say by words? It amazes me.

Summer is one of my favourite seasons. Sun, sea, holidays, relaxing… linked to this eden is obviously a good music behind🙂

Tom Rosenthal is definitely the one. He is amazing. I am obsessed with his music and music videos. All the landscapes and lyrics… It is wonderful.

James Bay  so fresh so acoustic. It reminds me the times sitting next to the river just enjoying the nature. By the way, I am going to see him next week. I am really excited🙂

David Guetta  Euro 2016. It is impossible to ignore this song. To all the football lovers, this song is fire🙂

See you soon,